Township Trustee Larry Moliterno provided Boardman Rotary with a State of the Township presentation on Tuesday, July 28. The information provided was taken from Boardman's strategic plan, which can be found by visiting:
A few of the major points covered include:
Boardman Police Department
  • There are currently 57 officers in the department, fulfilling the promise made by the levy
  • A police officer is in place in Boardman High School, and officers do walk-throughs in every school building every day. 
  • A social outreach program was created that targets troubled youths, aiming to keep them from the Juvenile Justice Center and intervening before problems become too serious. 
  • A senior care program is being created to check in on seniors in the area. 
  • A parking district was created to keep individuals from parking on lawns and grass in some neighborhoods. 
Fire Department
  • The main station on 224 is in bad condition, and the township is looking at replacement of nearly $5 million. The township is currently reviewing alternatives to lower cost. 
  • A mutual aide agreement with the Cardinal Fire District has helped improve the township's ISO rating, which could lead to lowered property taxes. 
  • There are 144 miles of road in the township, and the cost of paving is $96k/mile.
  • The cost of salt is currently at $58 per ton, and the township uses approximately 5,000 tons per year. 
  • There are currently 4,600 rental properties in Boardman.
  • There is currently a landlord registration program in place. 
  • Section 8 housing accounts for three percent.